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OKNO-AUDIO was established in the Russian market of pro audio distribution and installation in mid-2012. Its founder – OKNO-TV – is a leading system integrator and supplier for television and radio broadcast with more than 20-year successful experience, which allowed it to move beyond its traditional market and extend its influence to the pro audio distribution market. OKNO-AUDIO was created for operation in this market and audio parts of video projects realization.

OKNO-AUDIO team has joined together the most qualified specialists with 15-year experience in pro audio and MI distribution markets, as well as pro audio equipment installation and touring markets. This team includes sales managers, qualified audio engineers and top managers from key business directions well-known in trading and installing audio community.

Today OKNO-AUDIO links in the Russian market several leading pro audio brands with hundreds of Russian dealers and target consumer companies of various profiles and geography. OKNO-AUDIO’s main goal is cooperation with its customers reckoning in Russian media and show technologies market peculiarities in order not to overlook any important detail.

The first key aspect of OKNO-AUDIO’s activity is the regional dealers’ network. This includes more than 300 dealer companies all over Russia. The stress is placed not on the dealer turnover volume, but the products of OKNO-AUDIO’s assortment availability in every point of the country. This is a definite advantage of the company’s distributing policy over the common doubtful principle of distributing dealer benefits for purchases volumes only, regardless of customer’s interests “coverage”.

The second important OKNO-AUDIO’s activity aspect is cooperation with the industry vertical segments including about 100 large organizations:
  • transport hub
  • touring & rental
  • installation
  • MI retail
  • dealer  network
  • broadcasting
  • tourism

Needless to say that all these operation spheres require constant supply of technical means and their periodical update. This is a permanent direction in OKNO-AUDIO’s activity.  The founding company’s (OKNO TV) position in the market gives OKNO-AUDIO additional benefits in media technologies promotion.  Our joint product range allows to meet almost any media company demand and this is confirmed with already fulfilled contracts. Currently we are working with a project on the basis of TC Electronics equipment in one of the biggest Moscow theatres.

The third direction of OKNO-AUDIO’s activity is online trading. The popularity of online trading has increased recently, so it’s not wise not underestimate the possibilities it gives to purchases volumes raising. It is very important for OKNO-AUDIO to sell online only quality products giving the end-users neither fears, nor doubt.  That’s why a dozen of big online shops in Moscow and some regional centers are our partners. OKNO-AUDIO’s support of chain retailing also contributes to this idea. Thus OKNO-AUDIO cooperates with the “Musical World” (“Muzykalny Mir”) retail chain, which is represented practically in every large Russian city.

By operating in these three directions OKNO-AUDIO enables its vendors to present widely their progressive ideas and bleeding edge technologies to various customers in every point of the country.

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E-mail: info@okno-audio.ru

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